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Here's why: The course is a taught by the lead instructor at the App Brewery, London's best in-person programming bootcamp. Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. Angela Yu. Covering all the fundamental concepts for Flutter development, this is the most comprehensive Flutter course available online. Introduction to The 100 Days of Code – The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for 2021 Course The most comprehensive and best explained Flutter course of The Complete 2020 Flutter Development Bootcamp with Dart is available at Udemy platform. Last updated 12/2020 English ... Curated for the Udemy for Business collection. The course includes 23+ hours of HD video tutorials and builds your programming knowledge while making real world apps. Expand all sections. I love this course, mainly because every section is only an hour and the whole course is centered around giving you projects to master what you just learned immediately. Developer and Lead Instructor. I've never had such an instructor; detailed in every aspect of the course, gives precise explanations, gives you the anxiety to learn etc. This is my second Angela's course and I absolutely love it! Build a SQLite Database into the Flask Website, Day 64 - Advanced -My Top 10 Movies Website, Requirement 1 - Be Able to View Movie List Items, Requirement 2 - Be Able to Edit a Movie's Rating and Review, Requirement 3 - Be Able to Delete Movies from the Database, Requirement 4 - Be Able to Add New Movies Via the Add Page, Requirement 5 - Be Able to Sort and Rank the Movies By Rating, Day 65 - Web Design School - How to Create a Website that People will Love, Understanding Typography and How to Choose Fonts, Manage ATTENTION with effective User Interface (UI) Design. ... my courses are some of the HIGHEST RATED courses in the history of Udemy! What's the difference between your courses on Udemy and the ones on App Brewery? 100 days, 1 hour per day, learn to build 1 project per day, this is how you master Python. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to professional. Tinder auto swiper, Snake game, Blog Website, LinkedIn Auto Submit Job Application. She’s actually going to talk to us about going from — get this — a doctor to a programmer. The reused content matches the excellent new content - the HTML, CSS and bootstrap state of the art is still the same as when those videos were recorded so they're not outdated at all and the examples in there are fun - but if you already took the web design class they won't bring anything new to you. Click here to check the course content and the current price on Udemy. Your Salary, Day 71 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Preliminary Data Exploration and Data Cleaning with Pandas, Accessing Columns and Individual Cells in a Dataframe, Solution: Highest and Lowest Earning Degrees, Solution: Degrees with the Highest Potential, Sorting Values & Adding Columns: Majors with the Most Potential vs Lowest Risk, Day 72 - Advanced - Data Visualisation with Matplotlib: Programming Languages, Day 72 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Solution: Analysis by Programming Language, Day 73 - Advanced - Aggregate & Merge Data with Pandas: Analyse the LEGO Dataset, Day 73 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Use HTML Markdown to Make Your Notebook Look Pretty, Solution: Exploring the LEGO Brick Colours, Visualise the Number of Sets Published over Time, Superimposing Line Charts with Separate Axes, Scatter Plots: Average Number of Parts per LEGO Set, Relational Database Schemas: Primary and Foreign Keys, How to Merge DataFrames and Create Bar Charts, Day 74 - Advanced - Google Trends Data: Resampling and Visualising Time Series, Day 74 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Data Exploration - Making Sense of Google Search Data, Data Cleaning - Resampling Time Series Data, Data Visualisation - Tesla Line Charts in Matplotlib, Using Locators and DateFormatters to generate Tick Marks on a Time Line, Data Visualisation - Bitcoin: Line Style and Markers, Data Visualisation - Unemployment: How to use Grids, Data Visualisation - Unemployment: The Effect of New Data, Day 75 - Advanced - Beautiful Plotly Charts & Analysing the Android App Store, Day 75 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Data Cleaning: Removing NaN Values and Duplicates, Preliminary Exploration: The Highest Ratings, Most Reviews, and Largest Size, Data Visualisation with Plotly: Create Pie and Donut Charts, Numeric Type Conversions for the Installations & Price Data, Plotly Bar Charts & Scatter Plots: The Most Competitive & Popular App Categories, Extracting Nested Column Data using .stack(), Grouped Bar Charts and Box Plots with Plotly, Day 76 - Advanced - Computation with NumPy and N-Dimensional Arrays, Day 76 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day. 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Check out the latest courses taught by Dr. Angela Yu Broadcasting, Scalars and Matrix Multiplication, Day 77 - Advanced - Linear Regression and Data Visualisation with Seaborn, Day 77 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Investigate the Films that had Zero Revenue, Filter on Multiple Conditions: International Films, Seaborn Data Visualisation: Bubble Charts, Floor Division: A Trick to Convert Years to Decades, Use scikit-learn to Run Your Own Regression, Day 78 - Advanced - Analysing the Nobel Prize with Plotly, Matplotlib & Seaborn, Day 78 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Update Packages in Google Colab & Explore and Clean the Dataset, plotly Bar & Donut Charts: Analyse Prize Categories & Women Winning Prizes, Using Matplotlib to Visualise Trends over Time, A Choropleth Map and the Countries with the Most Prizes, Create Sunburst Charts for a Detailed Regional Breakdown of Research Locations, Unearthing Patterns in the Laureate Age at the Time of the Award, Day 79 - Advanced - The Tragic Discovery of Handwashing: t-Tests & Distributions, Day 79 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Preliminary Data Exploration and Visualising Births & Deaths at Vienna Hospital, Analysing the Yearly Data Split By Clinic, Visualising Distributions and Testing for Statistical Significance, Day 80 - Advanced - Capstone Project - Predict House Prices, Day 80 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Day 81 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Python Scripting], The Road to Becoming a Professional Developer, Day 82 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Python Web Development], Day 83 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Python Scripting], Day 84 - Professional Portfolio Project - [GUI], Day 85 - Professional Portfolio Project - [GUI], Day 86 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Game], Day 87 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Web Development], Day 88 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Web Development], Day 89 - Professional Portfolio Project - [GUI Desktop App], Day 90 - Professional Portfolio Project - [HTTP Requests & APIs], Day 91 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Image Processing & Data Science], Day 92 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Web Scraping], Day 93 - Professional Portfolio Project - [GUI Automation], Day 94 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Game], Day 95 - Professional Portfolio Project - [HTTP Requests & APIs], Day 96 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Web Development], Day 97 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Python Automation], Day 98 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Data Science], Day 99 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Data Science], Day 100 - Professional Portfolio Project - [Data Science]. Day 7 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, How to break a Complex Problem down into a Flow Chart, Challenge 1 - Picking a Random Words and Checking Answers, Challenge 1 Solution - How to Check the User's Answer, Challenge 2 - Replacing Blanks with Guesses, Challenge 2 Solution - How to Replace the Blanks, Challenge 3 - Checking if the Player has Won, Challenge 3 Solution - How to Check if the Player Won, Challenge 4 - Keeping Track of the Player's Lives, Challenge 4 Solution - How to Keep Track of the Player's Lives, Challenge 5 - Improving the User Experience, Challenge 5 Solution - How to Add ASCII Art and Improve the UI, Day 8 - Beginner - Function Parameters & Caesar Cipher, Day 8 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Pain Area Calculator, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Prime Number Checker, Caesar Cipher Part 3 - Reorganising our Code, Caesar Cipher Part 4 - User Experience Improvements & Final Touches, Day 9 - Beginner - Dictionaries, Nesting and the Secret Auction, Day 9 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Grading Program, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Dictionary in List, The Secret Auction Program Instructions and Flow Chart, Solution and Complete Code for the Secret Auction Program, Day 10 - Beginner - Functions with Outputs, Day 10 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Days in Month, Calculator Part 1: Combining Dictionaries and Functions, Calculator Finishing Touches and Bug Fixes, Day 11 - Beginner - The Blackjack Capstone Project, Day 11 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, Blackjack Program Requirements and Game Rules, Hint 9 Solution Walkthrough: Refactoring and calling calculate_score(), Day 12 - Beginner - Scope & Number Guessing Game, Introducing the Final Project: The Number Guessing Game, Solution & Walkthrough to the Number Guessing Game, Day 13 - Beginner - Debugging: How to Find and Fix Errors in your Code, Fixing Errors and Watching for Red Underlines, Bringing out the BIG Gun: Using a Debugger, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Debugging Odd or Even, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Debugging Leap Year, [Interactive Coding Exercise] Debugging FizzBuzz, Day 14 - Beginner - Higher Lower Game Project, Introduction & Program Requirements for the Higher Lower Game, Solution & Walkthrough of the Higher Lower Game, Day 15 - Intermediate - Local Development Environment Setup & the Coffee Machine, Installing Python Locally on Your Computer, PyCharm's Charming Features (while you wait for the download to finish), Introduction & Requirements for the Coffee Machine Project, Solution & Walkthrough for the Coffee Machine Code, Day 16 - Intermediate - Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Constructing Objects and Accessing their Attributes and Methods, Practice Modifying Object Attributes and Calling Methods, Walkthrough and Solution for the OOP Coffee Machine, Day 17 - Intermediate - The Quiz Project & the Benefits of OOP, Day 17 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, Working with Attributes, Class Constructors and the __init__() Function, Quiz Project Part 1: Creating the Question Class, Quiz Project Part 2: Creating the List of Question Objects from the Data, Quiz Project Part 3: The QuizBrain and the next_question() Method, Quiz Project Part 4: How to continue showing new Questions, Quiz Project Part 5: Checking Answers and Keeping Score, The Benefits of OOP: Use Open Trivia DB to Get New Questions, Day 18 - Intermediate - Turtle & the Graphical User Interface (GUI), Day 18 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, Understanding Turtle Graphics and How to use the Documentation, Importing Modules, Installing Packages, and Working with Aliases, Turtle Challenge 3 - Drawing Different Shapes, Turtle Challenge 4 - Generate a Random Walk, Python Tuples and How to Generate Random RGB Colours, The Hirst Painting Project Part 1 - How to Extract RGB Values from Images, The Hirst Painting Project Part 2 - Drawing the Dots, Day 19 - Intermediate - Instances, State and Higher Order Functions, Day 19 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, Python Higher Order Functions & Event Listeners, Understanding the Turtle Coordinate System, Day 20 - Intermediate - Build the Snake Game Part 1: Animation & Coordinates, Day 20 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, Day 21 - Intermediate - Build the Snake Game Part 2: Inheritance & List Slicing, Day 21 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, Day 22 - Intermediate - Build Pong: The Famous Arcade Game, Day 22 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Create a Paddle that responds to Key Presses, Write the Paddle Class and Create the Second Paddle, Write the Ball Class and Make the Ball Move, How to Detect when the Ball goes Out of Bounds, Score Keeping and Changing the Ball Speed, Day 23 - Intermediate - The Turtle Crossing Capstone Project, Day 23 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, Step 1 - Check out how the game play works, Solution to Step 3 - Create the Player Behaviour, Solution to Step 4 - Create the Car Behaviour, Solution to Step 5 - Detect when the Turtle collides with a Car *squish*, Solution to Step 6 - Detect when the Player has reached the other side, Solution to Step 7 - Add the Scoreboard and Game Over sequence, Day 24 - Intermediate - Files, Directories and Paths, Day 24 Goals: what you will make by the end of the day, How to Open, Read, and Write to Files using the "with" Keyword, Challenge: Read and Write the High Score to a File in Snake, Understand Relative and Absolute File Paths, Solution & Walkthrough for the Mail Merge Project, Day 25 - Intermediate - Working with CSV Data and the Pandas Library, Day 25 Goals: what we will make by the end of the day, DataFrames & Series: Working with Rows & Columns, The Great Squirrel Census Data Analysis (with Pandas!

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