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margin: 0 !important; } Currently only Mile High Bordoodles breeds strictly F2b  next generation and F3 multi-gene Bordoodles all from AKC bloodlines. border-radius: 0px; position:relative; font-size:4vw !important; Check out Doodle Puppy's available Bordoodle puppies for sale and see if they would make a perfect fit for your family. #huge_it_portfolio_content_2 #huge_it_portfolio_filters_2 ul li a:visited { Our Bordoodle puppies are F1b, meaning the dam is a first generation Bordoodle, who is bred to a purebred Poodle. They are lovable and cuddly like a Poodle and they are quick witted and agile like the Border Collie. 25 } 2019-12-31 09:10:17 If we do not get back to you within the same day please call, contact us through Facebook, or email. All our border collie puppies have medium to long coats. margin: 0 !important; 68 Bordoodles are the most versatile family pets available. Spot 5: **Available ** width:98%; They generally tend to be a perfect blend of the Poodle and Border Collie, they can work if asked while also having a more sensitive side. .portelement_2 .title-block_2 { They have happiness, they have sadness, they show displeasure, they feel left out. margin:0; } They are more than amazing, they are absolutely incredible, and when you have them in your life you will quickly see why. float:; All coats are expected to be silky. F4, F5, F6 and so on - These Bordoodle generations continue to lock in the multi generational Poodle and Border Collie breed standard working toward AKC recognition. .portelement_2 .title-block_2 a:hover, .portelement_2 .title-block_2 a:focus, .portelement_2 .title-block_2 a:active, width: 20%; 2019-12-31 09:03:22 They are inquisitive and nosy and will stand by your side through everything you do. #huge_it_portfolio_content_2 #huge_it_portfolio_filters_2 ul li a { padding:3px; This coat can be groomed but will likely not need to be, the facial hair does not grow long (like the Border Collie) but can also shed very little. 419-496-3346 Breeding First generation, Multi Gens and F1b. position: relative; color:#ffffff !important; Silky Curly Coat $3500.00 A Bordoodle silky curly coat is what we consider to be spiral locks of hair, it is non shed and hypoallergenic for the F2b/F3 Bordoodle. They offer non shed to very low shed coats that are silky or soft. .portelement_2 .image-block_2 img { Our litters offer varying personalities in this and can match based on what you desire or need more. .portelement_2 .title-block_2 a, .portelement_2 .title-block_2 a:link, .portelement_2 .title-block_2 a:visited, "F1" means first generation of that mix and "F1B" means first generation of the F1 mix. width: 100%; Also known as the Borpoo, Borderdoodle, Borderpoo, and Border Poodle, the Bordoodle is a fantastic family dog. Spot 3: Perkiomenville, PA #huge_it_portfolio_content_2 #huge_it_portfolio_filters_2 ul { Only the F1b Bordoodle or future generations F2b and beyond, F3, F4, etc... can offer a hypoallergenic dog. Dog Breeder. If you are interested please fill out our adoption application and we will get back to you as soon as possible. These coats also have hypoallergenic potential for the F2b/F3 Bordoodle. padding: 0 !important; cursor: -webkit-zoom-in; cursor: -moz-zoom-in; } padding: 0; float:;max-width:180px;width:20%;display:inline-block;margin-left:1%; F1b Bernedoodles- Go home date Dec 12, 2020- All pups reserved. background-repeat: no-repeat; } padding-left: 31% !important; Bordoodle Babies. background-color: #F7F7F7 !important; An F1 Bordoodle will be 50% Poodle and 50% Border Collie. ... F1B Bordoodle Female, 10 weeks Fort Wayne, Indiana. This coat requires grooming two or more times per year depending on length preference. To be put on our waiting list, please complete the following Waiting List Deposit Form. border: 1px solid #ccc;} A mixed breed can inherit the potential health concerns of one, both, or neither of the parent breeds. They generally tend to be more like the Poodle, sensitive to emotion and having sensitive feelings. They generally tend to be more like the Poodle, sensitive to emotion and having sensitive feelings. This generation will continue to lock in the breed standard and move toward AKC recognition. The terms many breeders use to refer to their Doodles is a reflection of this study of genetics. This takes many years and breeders working together to get there. For the Bordoodle, potential health concerns to be aware of include allergies, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy. overflow: hidden; Plus you can now have that Border Collie you wanted but couldn't have with kids because they might herd them. Ebony. display: block; Spot 1: Columbus, OH This puppy will have what we call a mixed or Border Collie look. a responsible family doodle breeder specializing in well rounded, happy, healthy, and beautiful puppies Dannette Hermeier is the owner and founder of Hermeierdoodles. max-width:275px; 23 There are no Bordoodle breeders breeding these generations. outline:none; After submission, you will receive an email with instructions for payment options. } The most similar thing I can liken the breed to, after having both breeds and generations, is us. Puppies are $3,500 regardless of color, gender or size. We’re the longest-established breeders of Bordoodles in Australia, with 15 years’ experience with these great dogs. font-size: 2vw !important; left: 0; If you are looking for a great hybrid dog breed, Bordoodles are a mix between Border Collies and Poodles and are smart, soft, loving, and hypo-allergenic. #huge_it_portfolio_options_and_filters_2 { (Dad is a Poodle and mom is an F1 Bordoodle) Please keep in mind, you must put down a $200.00 deposit to be put on the list. They can help you in your tasks without you having ever needed their help. The F2b and F3 Bordoodle offers the possibility of having a hybrid hypoallergenic dog and a non shedding dog. Deposits are $500 and go towards the total price of your puppy. Taking applications for 2021 Tris $3500 Non tri color $3000 I am blown away and amazed with this breed and I don't just say so because I breed them. font-size:14px !important; Borderdoodle love. They will protect you with every ounce of their being and defend their home with pride. Spot 4: Mt. Learn more . A Bordoodle soft or silky straight coat is what we consider to be soft or silky straight hair, it is generally very low shed to low shedding, with very low potential for heavier shedding. Our F2b and F3 Bordoodles absolutely adore kids and they are the best kind of puppy to have with kids. This puppy will have what we call a Border Collie look. This coat requires grooming two or more times per year depending on length preference. padding:0 1% 0 2%; overflow:hidden; #huge_it_portfolio_content_2 #huge_it_portfolio_filters_2 ul li a, We were able to quickly arrange local pickup. Dog Trainer. float: left; They get better with age but it starts much earlier than most breeds. They feel your anger and hang their heads in shame afraid it was them that caused it. Learn more . They do not have Border Collie determination to work, but do seem to gain a bit more agility than a full blooded Poodle. max-width:275px; border:eeeeeepx solid #D0D0D0; cursor: pointer; Mile High Bordoodles has still found successful placement of even our low shed puppies in severe allergy prone homes. See our available puppies here, and complete the deposit form and purchase agreement.

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